Michelle Nordmeyer
Chicago, IL

Bio: I am a former Bricklayer/Labor Organizer/Kitchen Manager/Gas Station Attendant/Photo Lab Worker who now makes her money cooking at a Jewish deli and performing maintenance at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL. Throughout these jobs, I've been a printmaker. My work addresses the human experience of chronic misunderstanding, often illustrating the elaborate strings of what I feel are significant and connected thoughts to help me get to the essence of what I know. Or try to, anyway. My latest project, The Intention Generator, will be a series of simpler images, usually a positive intention for the understanding that we are interconnected, given out as gifts to strangers (for the most part). I've set up the blog intentiongenerator.com to allow for a person to find out who I am, why I'm doing the project, or ask questions if they have them.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking for something interesting, uplifting or spiritual to read this morning before having my second cataract surgery, there you were at the top of my yahoo email. Not only not disappointed, was nearly blown away. Could not have wished for a more appropriate reading to step toward my own intention to not follow the usual traps from achieving my own daily intentions. Good morning, Michelle, blessings on your marriage and good luck getting your bride back by your side. Thank you for this gift.


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